How to Meal prep, On a budget!, Save time, Money and your waistline!

How to Meal prep, On a budget!, Save time, Money and your waistline!

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Meal prepping! Its not only for body builders and Instagram models! although you should not rely on living out of containers for the rest of your life, meal prepping can save you time and money, and be sure to keep you prepared to stay on top of your nutritional goals!

wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all had time to prepare 3 meals plus snacks at home everyday, how ever most of us in this busy life style do not have that luxury!

Pre preparing your meals for the week or at least weekdays makes a fail proof way to keep on top of your healthy eating goals weather it be for weight loss, muscle gain or special dietry requirements, such as reversing diabetes.

Nowadays there are a lot of great meal prep companys out there offering there services to prepare meals for you, deliverd staright to your door, which is great, but we’re going to let you in on some tips on how to do it your self, not only will it be cheaper but you will know exactly what you’ve put into your food and the methods of cooking it!

what youll need:

6-10 plastic/silicone/glass if you prefer meal containers

a kitchen scale

oven with large oven tray 

stovetop/ frying pan/wok/ aluminium foil


Choose a starch/carbohydrate:

*sweet potatoe/pumpkin (or a mix of both), chickpeas, rice, beetroot

Choose fibre:

green vegetables, broccoli, courgette, asparagus, frozen mixed vegetables (not peas and corn type), spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, brussel sprouts

Choose Protein Sources:

Chicken breast or chicken mince, white fish, salmon, prawns, steak, lean beef, beef mince, boiled eggs, canned tuna, tofu, lentils or ‘quorn’  for vegans

Choose essential fats: 1 teaspoon coconut oil, 1 teaspoon nut butter, 25 grams of feta cheese, 1/4 avocado, teaspoon of low fat mayo, egg yolk. only one of any is enough per meal.

Bake in Oven a large quantity of sweet potatoes/pumpkin

line tray with aluminium foil, add a light spray or thin layer of coconut oil, chop starch up in to bite sized cubes that will make it easier to cook (and weigh)

season with cinnamon/sea salt / himilayan salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, either is fine, healthy and improves the taste!

Bake on a high heat for around 30-40 mins

Pan fry or bake protein sources, (never mix whilst cooking ) feel free to add lemon juice, pepper, spices, add to taste, make sure meat is cooked through.

Wash/chop and stir-fry (no oil) vegetables, in a large Wok, or steam or blanche as you prefer.

depending on the quantities, you should make enough bulk ingredients to spread out evenly into 6-10 meals, also depending on your goals and caloric needs,

A good rule of thumb is 100-200 grams of cooked protein per meal

100-180grams of vegetables/spinach/mushrooms

100-200 grams of Starch, (sweet potato), rice, beetroot, chickpeas

(you will need to weigh out these quantities untill you get the hang of it)

1 teaspoon of, coconut oil, light mayo, nut butter, 1/4 avocado, or 1 egg yolk

With a healthy balance of all these macronutrients, you have your self a healthy prepped meal, that you can re-fridgerate/freeze and transport anywhere with you, and your pre measured quantities will be sure to keep you on track! 

you can freeze and reheat meals for up to 4 days, which is super convenient and easy on the wallet, and will considerably save you some time during the busy week

get prepping babes!! it will make your life easier!!

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